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SEO Service Price List

Full SEO Website Audit and Fine Tuning.

This is our essential service that we recommend to all website owners, we can highly tune your website and recommend changes to optimise your website to get higher traffic. You will need to get this audit complete before most of our services. We have a full description of our SEO Audit Here. Check out our Website audit fixed prices.

Ecommerce Unlimited Full Service

We are looking for new ecommerce websites to kick start. This will include unlimited support, reports, advice, link building, keyword alert, on page and off page work. This is not only optimisation, its also search engine marketing. See more details.

Wordpress SEO

We can look at your wordpress websites code and we can recommend improvements for you to make, including what plugins you should have to improve website visibility. Essential SEO Plugins for wordpress. We can take a look at your wordpress sites for 150 GBP and we will analysis the website and find any problems and make recommendations to help improve your traffic.

Filtered or Penalised? aka sandboxed

If your website has been filtered, sandboxed or penalised, we can usually get you out of it within 2-6 hours. If your visitor numbers have dropped, please contact us and we will get you out of the filter within 24 hours for 100 GBP - 200 GBP but if you have been heavily penalised it may take longer. Prices vary from the scale of the problem and the size of the website.

Rankings - No Win No Fee

We can set keyword ranking targets and give you a price for each stage. You don't pay us, until we reach the targets. We can offer cheaper prices for Thailand websites. For this service, you may need an SEO audit first and then make the changes before we agree to ranking targets and price. We cannot offer this deal with websites that haven't been highly tuned.

XSitePro SEO

We can take the export of your XsitePro site and make changes to optimise your website. There are many settings to tweak.

Unlimited Support

We can support webdesign companies, please contact us for a chat.

For individuals, we can add your website to our network of sites, that we manage, we will visit and check your website often. We will offer unlimited support on your website. Prices range from 100 GBP - 400 GBP per month, per website.

Keyword Research and Density - On Page Optimisation

We can look at your site and do the keyword research for you, we will be able to help you with keyword placement and density. Titles and H1 tags are the most important places for your keyword to be added, using them both efficiently, can help you target several keywords per page. Keyword plan prices.

Competitor Analysis

We will compare your website against your competitors and we will also make a plan for you to beat your competitors, which will take time, but if done correctly, the payoff is worth it. Such analysis will include, keyword density, anchor text, internal linking and even inbound links to your competitors.

Link Building

We can offer you natural link building plans, this will include internal link building and inbound link building. We can also do the link building for you, but this is often too expensive for most clients, so we stick to link building our percentage websites. We consider anchor text keyword density, read about our natural link building techniques here.

Website Start Up - Skipping The sandbox/filters and taking advantage of the google honeymoon.

When a new website is launched, it gets a google honeymoon then it is sandboxed or filtered. Depending on your keywords, your time in the sandbox/filter can be a substantial amount of time, some SEO experts say the average is 6-9 months. Highly competitive keywords can take longer. If you are launching a new website, we can get your website to skip the sandbox/filter for some competitive search terms. Its not an easy task and many SEO experts claim that the filter cannot be skipped, but I have developed a very good method which includes under optimisation and link building. We can also help you choose your domain name, navigation structure advice, keyword usage and general website setup advice, including title and H1 tag usage. You have to have a SEO audit with this service. Our price. (The existance of the sandbox is debateable, however there is clearly a filter which has a similar effect)

Do you have bad reviews about your website? - Website keyword domination

If you have bad reviews about your website, we have methods of persuading the webmaster to remove them. If they wont remove them, we can make a plan to optimise several pages to beat the rankings of the bad reviews. You should always dominate the first page for your website search term, to protect your business from malicious reviews.

Forum SEO Consultants

Forums are often under optimised, with a low percentage of pages indexed, high rate of lurkers, we can look at your forum and improve its traffic or if your forum is dead, we can tell you why. Whether your a successful forum or new forum, we can offer you our 3 years of experience of a successful forum, to guide you on your way. We specialise with Invision forums and we are able to help you make the changes by adding the mods, hooks or applications needed to improve your forum.

Here are some of the things we can help your forum with

  • Increase visitor numbers
  • Increase website rank
  • Increase the amount of pages indexed
  • Set up stat reporting
  • Increase registration percentage
  • Branding
  • Topic targeting
  • Keyword targeting
  • Forum SEO
  • Daily/Weekly chore list
  • Email collection and utilisation
  • Monititise
  • Functionality and usability
  • Search engine friendly - FURLS, SE site maps (automatic pinging)
  • Twitter feed set up and integration
  • Link building plan including keyword density


Social Media Marketing
Microsite Creation

Keyword Rank Monitoring

  * Developing SEO friendly site architectures
  * On-page optimization of title element, meta elements, header elements, and content
  * On-site optimization of internal linking structures, elimination of URL canonicalization issues, and more
  * Creative link development to gain links from other relevant web sites

SEO Service Price List