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Our SEO Services Price List

We have tried our best to make some set prices, however every job is different, please contact us with your url and we will make you a tailor made quote. We usually offer the following payment terms. (For most of our services, you will need to get an SEO audit first.)

  • Set SEO Audit price.
  • We can offer a very fair "no win no fee" with all our services
  • Percentage (ideal for ecommerce/affliate websites)
General Website SEO Audit, Fine Tuning and Facelift

We can offer you a very picky website audit, general website facelift and recommend major/minor improvements. We charge a flat fee for this service and we will refund you if we don't find any improvements to make. You have to make all the changes, we only advice what changes are needed. We will help with instructions where possible. To see some of the checks we will run on your website, look at our Full SEO report page.

200 GBP (includes a general website audit of 5 pages.)

300 GBP (includes a general website audit of 10 pages.)

add 100 GBP to include a link building plan for your targeted keywords (you have to add the links yourself)

Penalised Website

We can get your website depenalised or get filters removed. If you have had a sudden loss of traffic or no traffic to begin with, we can kick start your website.

200 GBP (You don't need to pay us until we have removed the penalty.)

Depending on the standard of your website and its level of problems, you may also need to purchase our SEO audit, but we will get your site performing on google again for half price.

Ecommerce Websites - Full Support and Full Service

Percentage of profit -  Ecommerce websites are best to be done by a percentage profit share

Websites and Webpages Indexed

If you want your website indexed within 24 hours, we charge 50 GBP (normally sites can take up to 2 weeks to get indexed)

If you want a particular page indexed we charge 20 GBP

Website Start Up Advice and Google Filter/Sandbox Skipping Service

We can advice you how to skip the google filter/sandbox with our methods that we have developed from daily experiences. Some SEO experts claim that the filter/sandbox can't be skipped for competitive keywords, but we can tell you how to do it with a plan. We will also advice you of navigation structures, domain purchase, hosting advice and basic optimisation.

This service can only be offered with an SEO Audit done simultaneously  (200 GBP - 300 GBP -for SEO Audit)

150 GBP (Website Start Up Advice and Skipping the sandbox)

Unlimited Website Support and Link Building - Ideal for larger websites.

We can add you to our network of websites that we monitor and check at regular intervals. We can offer unlimited support for your website, whether you need advice on changes or unsure of website structure etc. We will regulary recommend changes for you to make, as Google changes its algorithm, (reacting to Googles updates). This includes some regular link building. You will need to have an SEO Audit done before we can start website support.

150 GBP Per Month - One small website

250 GBP Per Month - Medium website

450 GBP Per Month - Large website or forum (not ecommerce)

If you are doing a highly competitive campaign, we will recommend micro blogging and micro websites, which will attract extra charges such as article writing and hosting costs.

Target Pricing

If you choose any of our services, you can set us a target, if we agree to that target and we don't beat it, we don't charge until we do. i.e 10% Traffic increase target or rankings target.

Link Building Plan and Keyword Research

We can write you a link building plan for a one off fee of 100 GBP. Add 50 GBP to include keyword research. We will tell you what anchor text to use and what pages to link to. You often need to use several different keywords to target one keyword, your keyword density in your links is also important.

Ranking Improvements

We can increase your websites ranking for a set fee, we don't get paid until we achieve the results. This is our most popular service, we are more suited to Pattaya, Bangkok and Thailand websites for this service, because we already have a network of websites its easier for us to do this, at an affordable price. We can rank all other websites, however its more expensive. Contact LaaMok for ranking quotes.

Typically we offer

Payment 1.  First Page for keyword1

Payment 2. Third position for keyword1

Payment 3. Second position for keyword1

Payment 4.  First position for keyword1

We can do this for multiple keywords.

Adsense Placement

100 GBP - For adsense placement, colour scheme advice and general advice on adsense.


Contact LaaMok To Arrange Planning And Payment