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Why are we called Underworld?

Our company is a legal outfit, however our clients are from areas that could be considered "underworld". i.e Pattaya as a Subject. Other clients include, prescription drugs, private investigation services, ecommerce websites and herbal products. Your company can choose not have any association with our company name or our clients. You will be billed through our Thaigerweb Internet Marketing company.

Why do most of your services require an initial website audit and fine tuning?

Experience has shown us, for us to achieve ranking results at a reasonable price and to increase traffic, we need to make the website fine tuned, its difficult to get good rankings on websites that are poorly performing.

How do I know that you are competent in Internet marketing and SEO?

We can provide you with some example websites that we have worked on. We have also written this SEO website checklist guide for beginners and advanced.

When do we need an SEO consultant?

You need advice before you start the website, and throughout, such as making changes, moving servers, moving address etc. Alot of people make changes to there websites and they loose traffic.

Whats a quick example of your skills?

We have managed to get second place for "Pattaya seo" in google.com, and top for "Pattaya seo consultants" this is very good considering our site is very new, we got this placement in a few weeks.  We will have first place soon.  We will get the site ranking top for 2-3 more keywords over the next month, and we will update this answer.

What if I don't have a webmaster and I don't know how to make the changes?

We can make the changes on basic websites for an extra fee, if its a specialised script website, we can outsource the job for you. We can recommend hosting and webmasters with skills specific to your website.

Why are you doing SEO for other people if you are that good?

We have our own network of websites and we are doing very well. (keeps us doing very well) We do want extra bits of work as we like helping people, we like doing SEO and we enjoy the extra money.

I'm a charity, please help for free.

We are looking at taking on SEO work for a charity, we can provide free hosting and basic on page SEO and minimal link building.

Can you do SEO in other languages?

We cannot offer full seo audits to websites with a different language, we can do most of it apart from keyword research, optimisation and placement.

I don't want to pay until I see the results.

We are happy to do tailor made plans with set targets, for example we offer no win no fee rankings, which basically means, you don't pay us until we have got you the rankings agreed on, and until they have been steady for a week.  If you are paying to remove a google penalty, you don't need to pay us, until its achieved.

What happens if you mess up?

We always use safe off page SEO methods on websites that are already established and are already performing. We often make many minor changes over a longer period, opposed to risky major changes quickly. We record and date all of our changes, so in the unlikely event that you loose rankings/traffic, we can reverse the changes, however due to our experience, we havent needed to reverse a change for some time.

Can you help me hurt a competitor?

We can beat your competitors with search terms, however we will not participate in optimising pages that are designed to attack a websites reputation. This is a moral issue opposed to a technical issue. We do not offer negative seo campaigns with competitors, however, if you have someone attacking your website with bad reviews, we can help you.

Will you SEO my affiliate website?

We can do an SEO Audit for your website and offer support.

When may you refuse your services with a website?

Check our disclaimer for conflict of interests