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eCommerce Website SEO and Internet Marketing

We are looking to partner up with businesses that want to take there business online, we can offer you a percentage deal with no start up costs.* We can do all the SEO work from the start to continued weekly efforts. We will drive targeted traffic to your products. You will get our highest level of service with this deal. If your business is already selling products but not online, we can help advise you on getting started online, we do not build professional ecommerce websites, we leave that to the professional web designers, but we can recommend the web designers that build our ecommerce websites. We can also advice you with payment processing and general advice on completing an eCommerce website. (such as compliance with companies like worldpay)

We only take on eCommerce websites with a percentage cut of monthly profits.* This is both beneficial to the client and our company. We will regularly advice on changes needed, build regular inbound links and help add new products and pages.

For all eCommerce websites we offer

  • Full unlimited support
  • SEO audits
  • Regular Link Building
  • Regular updates
  • Keyword reports
  • Regular optimisations
  • Micro blogging and website link building (extra charges may apply in set up)
  • Branding Advice
  • PPC advice (but not management)
  • Keyword domination
  • Search Engine Marketing

Profit share on your eCommerce site is negotiable, for existing sites another target graded payment plan may be negotiated.

If you are a business owner, we may be able to offer you a free small website for 1-5 products to test the water and to show our skills, we will do this for an agreed percentage. This is ideal for those with products being sold already in a physical shop and would like to start selling online.

Contact us for advice.

* Clients unknown to us may need to offer a retainer which will be returned. We cannot work with businesses that have poor customer service or feedback.