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About me -

Born In Coventry, England 1981


I started making money from a very early age, in primary school I started paying for liberated stationary and resold it to students at a cheap price. At the age of 9, I was writing letters to famous people, prime minister and to the queen, asking for information, so I could make a book, I never got any replies of course. I even planned out money schemes and coach trips but none of my friends really had money. Then I started washing cars for residential homes, we used to earn 2.50 per car and it was a first taste of money, I then came up with the idea of breeding rats and selling them to the largest pet store chain in the Uk, it was only around 12 pounds per week, but I was still happy with the money. I also had two large paper rounds every Friday and Saturday. I traded parker pens and collective erasers at school, it was something that I really enjoyed.  I often misbehaved at school through boredom and I was constantly getting in trouble. Every Christmas I would do carol singing every night for 2 weeks running, it earnt us around 25 pounds each a night and we were in heaven, I remember not having any money for the bus one day and I just walked up to the nearest door and I started singing, it was so embarrassing but the old ladies thought it was real cute. I extended this unwanted service to Halloween, my dad didn't agree with "trick or treat" at Halloween, but we were definitely the good ones.

Throughout my childhood, i did biweekly swimming from the age of 4 years old to 10 years old. From around 12-14 I went to drama school for a few years and did a handful of theatre shows, learnt horse riding, joined beavers, cubs and scouts (against my protest) I also did Ju-jitsu for a few years. Drama school helped shape me, I stopped being so shy, I learnt to sing, dance and I also looked for acting work, but my parents put a stop to it, I had friends with famous parents and i wanted in, my dream was shattered so I stopped going. The horse riding took over my time, i spent weekends volunteering working with the horses, i have always enjoyed looking after animals, it got me working with some female company and I got free horse riding lessons.

I started working for someone when I was 12 at a narrow boat (canal boat) manufacturing and renting business every Saturday, I got the job through impressing the company with my work experience.  The job was to pull the narrow boats in, spray them down, empty the sewage, fill the water tank up and change the gas cylinder, I was very proud of this job, at the time I had been weight training from a young age and I loved the job of pulling the boats in.

I noticed that one of my neighbours walked his dog to the end of the road and took a disinterest in it, so I suggested that I could walk his dog for him daily for 2 pounds a day, not bad at that age for 20 minutes work.

Through the paper round job, I enjoyed networking and I got a job creosoting someone's fences, got paid to martial at motor cross shows and had the chance to camp with mass bikers which was quite intimidating at 13, I even got a regular job washing someone's car  just from doing the paper round. Then one day on my travels, I was given the job of watering someone's plants while they were on holiday for two weeks, I continued to further hate doing the paper round it was an embarrassment but my parents pressured me to do it. (I don't blame them) They were trying to get me into the habit of having a regular job and income, it didn't suit me, so I started getting annoyed with the paper round and cheating it until I got the balls to quit.

Shortly after the paper rounds were gone, I got the chance to deliver a charity magazine, which paid very well and people actually wanted it for a change, so i was enjoying it. This was another job that I quit after a while as it became not enough money.


After school I started my A-levels at college, I was 16 and I was very happy and doing extremely well academically, but I found the classes bored me to the point of leaving after a year of studying. I was working at McDonald's at the time, and then I started working there full time, I had low self esteem and wasn't sure of what I wanted to do.  I had been dreaming of getting a motor cross motor bike and I borrowed some money to buy it, the insurance company said that they cant insure it for theft because statistically it will be stolen within 4 weeks. Three weeks later I was robbed by 5 black guys with a shot gun, the police made several mistakes which took me down a path of destruction and I ended up getting into trouble with the police several times, from 18 - 20 years old.

I met a very interesting character who had very good and famous family. He taught me some good lessons how to earn money, and within a short period we were earning money on the horses, I was earning 120 pounds a day and very happy, i was spending it all at the same time. I quit work at McDonalds and vowed never to go in a McDonalds ever again, because I hated the way they treated staff. I continued to make good money gambling, then one day I got greedy and I lost my float of 600 pounds in one day. I was gutted and I quit gambling.

I then took a job doing nights at a petrol station, this job gave me the excitement that I needed, drive offs, fights, police, robberies, pick pocket's, then i started witnessing fraud and theft. Naturally I ended up getting involved due to my work mentors setting me up.  After an a abrupt ending, I hit the work agencies and started cleaning hospital floors, I hated it but I kept at it, within days of that job, I was offered a permanent job of general portering.

Portering at a hospital felt responsible, it was a great stress free job, often spending 8 hours a day walking, 95% of the staff are female, I thought that I had landed on my feet, but the pay wasn't enough. I have always liked my luxuries and I was sinking into debt. On one occasion I was getting bank charges that were stopping small payments going out and I got even more fines, at one point i was getting 8 pounds a day fine, it was so crippling, I just knew that I needed to earn more money.

I left hospital portering and I decided to train as an electrician with my father, it was a choice by default, I did enjoy it, but again it didn't seem enough money.  I did the full course over 3 years and passed it, and did a few years of full time employment, I enjoyed the responsibility, but it didn't push me far enough and I didn't want to do manual labour and I couldn't see myself getting rich without breaking my back.

During the time working as a electrician, I got involved with ebay and tried to sell ebooks, I made around 2 pounds per day, it wasn't about the money, it was about making it myself and having that high potential. I scrapped the ebook idea when I realised that there wasn't going to be any more money, it was a saturated market, the only reason why people brought them was to increase there feedback, I was also selling to increase my feedback, this helped me look quite established on eBay, then I got involved in a gambling website, I started making 250 pounds a week on eBay and then started making 200-800 pounds extra through google adwords. I thought that i was in heaven. Once I passed my electrician course, I was foolishly complacent with my internet earnings and I decided to go to university to do something with my time.

I looked for the university with the highest girl/guy ratio in England and I ended up choosing Worcester, it was the second highest with girls, and it also covered my subject, I loved business and I.T., so naturally I choose them both, I did extremely well, I spent all my money going out and I was getting very good grades with the least amount of work, I was earning a very good amount, sometimes 200-300 per day, I was getting text messages with every sale, which spurred me to spent, at university, I had a massive TV, 2 cars and a scooter, I wasn't short of a GF, I was doing whole term assignments in 8 hours, my heart wasn't in it, I didn't see how any of these skills would earn me money.  I read business books and enjoyed them, but it doesn't actually give you the real experience you need to start making money really. I was losing interest yet again, I wanted to deal with more money, not the theory of it.

I started doing mail shots at university, which cost me alot of time and money, I even paid friends to help them earn some money, some of them failed, but it didn't make the money that I was expecting. I then went back to email marketing and made a little extra monthly, if I ever needed money badly, i could send an email out to my email list. This email list became quite a good cash point for me over the years.

On my university break, I went to Thailand. I was 23 years old, I was still earning good money and spending it as it came in, my 3 week holiday turned into 3 months, I wasn't interested in going back to university, it seemed a waste of time.  By the end of 3 months, I had spent 9000 pounds and I returned to England, with no money left. My business product had reached its life cycle. I got complacent and it messed me up, I now know not to rely on one internet business, you need to keep making more incomes. I did manage to buy lots of steroids and brought them back to sell in the gym that I weight trained at.

I went back to working with my father as an electrician, I was fully qualified and I did enjoy it sometimes, but I hated the fact that my money was limited, (you can only work so many hours, this limits your income) it was too much like work. I didn't want to have a normal life, I wanted to have an alternative life, such as living in Thailand and enjoying its resources.

While I worked full time as an electrician and started building ethailandworld (doesn't exist anymore) this was my first website, that i spent every night making, I was very proud of it, but it was rubbish. I then started working on www.pattayaaddicts.com on every waking hour, I was heavily addicted to Thailand, the forum even cost me days off which delayed my trips.  I was picking up lots of new skills. I also trained as a bouncer to try and add some excitement and danger to my life.

Moving to Thailand at 25 years old.

The success of Pattaya-addicts.com gave me the opportunity to come to Thailand on a trial to work, I fell in love with search engine optimisation and whitespider taught me everything he knew about internet marketing and seo. SEO was an answer to my dreams, it provided me with challenges and unlimited potential of pay. I ended up getting into a partnership with whitespider and it has been growing and growing over the last 3 years. We now have several incomes from several sources, countries and currencies and I now have a stable life in Thailand with good pay. I am going to be brief on this, as its a big subject. I came to live in Thailand with around 300 pounds, I have done very well over the last 3 years. I am now 28.