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Pattaya and Thailand SEO Services - Worldwide Customer base

black quotation mark Our aim is to work with highly competitive ecommerce websites and problematic websites. Whether we work with professional web designers or the website owners, making already great looking websites, highly effective, visible, search engine friendly and profitable.  We specialise in highly competitive e-commerce websites, forums and removing Google penalties.  We are very selective who we work with, because we believe to maximise profit, every part of the team needs to be highly skilled, from web designers to product distribution.

We only offer internet marketing and search engine optimisation because we specialise in this field only. We are not website designers. We are highly experienced with SEO on-page and we can do all the off-page work required to get your website high visitor numbers, we can give you a free analysis to see what we can offer you and how we can benefit from each other. We are based in Bangkok and Pattaya, Thailand.
To prove our skills in Website optimisation and Internet Marketing, we have written this Ultimate Website SEO Checklist  black closing quotation mark

What is SEO? - Search engine optimisation

SEO is all about making sure that your website is fully accessible and visible by the search engines, it is also about improving the quality of your website and ensuring that the search engines are aware your website is of the highest quality. There are over 200 ranking factors that are considered by Google. A good SEO consultant will also make sure your website is easy to use for the end user and will post links to your website regardless of the SEO benefits. For example some so called SEO experts won't post your links to a directory because it adds the rel="nofollow" attribute, they are potentially missing out on targeted traffic. We post links whether a site adds the rel="nofollow" attribute or not, this is to drive traffic to your site. We get our websites ranking highly for several search terms, we never settle for just one keyword.

Basic SEO Steps - Keyword Analysis > Website Optimisation > Link Building

Indexing - We can increase the amount of pages that you have indexed with search engines = more traffic

Website Speed - Optimise your website speed to increase conversions 

Canonical Issues - Check and fix canonical issues

Website Visibility - We can make your website more visible to the search engines and internet users

Website Architecture - Restucture or Rebuild - Navigation and url structure

Ranking for keywords - We can make your website rank highly for many relevant keywords

Google Sandbox/Filter Skipping Service - We can help your website skip the over optimisation filter for a small fee

Keyword Research and Link Development - We will do your keyword research, link analysis and link campaign

Search Engine Indexing and Ranking Services

Website SEO Audit - Get your website highly tuned

We can give your website an SEO audit and report. We have set fees for different websites, your traffic will improve after our audit and you will have less errors.  Your website with be highly tuned and juicy for the search engines. Our SEO Audit rates are here.

Authoritative and Robust

Our aim is to make your website an authority on its subject or topic. This involves making your website the leading website for its topic, by providing quality content, quality inbound links and keeping the site up to date, this is the powerful key to a successful website.

Problem Solving

We love SEO challenges, if you have a website that is sand boxed, de-indexed or severely penalised, we can help you get back on track. No problem is too large for us. We can get your site out the sandbox (usually within 2-6 hours) or get a penalisation removed. Maybe your site is on the first page but is not ranking in the top 3, that's not acceptable for our clients. Get your website penalty removed.

Starting Your Website

We can advice you before and during your website startup, to make sure you skip the google sandbox/filters (over optimisation filter) and make use of your google honeymoon. We can also advice you on domain name choice, hosting choice, keyword targeting and general website building advice including navigational framework improvements.

Moving Your Website Or Making Major Changes?

If you are moving your website to another domain, or you are making a major change, we can plan out the whole operation, and ensure a smooth transition. You could miss out on a lot of traffic and your website could incur a Google penalty, if you move your site or make changes without seeking advice.

Commission Based SEO or No Win No Fee

Experience shows us that to be competitive in highly competitive search terms, a partnership or profit share is the most effective way of driving the website. We can only offer this service to people that are referred through existing customers or friends. Most of our services have a no win no fee payment term.

Free Potential Analysis

Submit your website URL to us and we can tell you what we can do for you. We will be able to suggest the best plan of action to progress your site to higher traffic, conversions and profitability. If we feel there is little potential there, we may just offer you an on page SEO report.

Low Risk Methods

Experience has taught us to act slowly and to use white hat SEO methods. Basically we only employ clean and safe SEO methods, we do not cheat or use Black Hat SEO. We will also increase traffic from referring sites. If your website is already ranked well, we will only use safe off page methods such as natural link building, this will reduce your penalisation risk to zero.

Blogging and Microsite Creation

To get high quality inbound links and to increase targeted traffic, we create relevant blogs and microsites. This ensures that the links are from relevant high quality websites.

Personalised Relationship

As we target highly competitive search terms, it keeps our customer base small, this enables us to keep in touch with all of our customers. You will have 24 hour support via Google Talk, email and Skype. Contact LaaMok


All of our clients details are highly confidential, discretion is assured. We never advertise our website on any of our clients sites and we keep all contact and personal details confidential.

Website Completion

Did you know that most websites fail because they are never finished? We can check your website and point out what needs doing on your website to complete it, this can vary from text content, .htaccess, robots.txt to privacy pages. Typical unfinished elements.

Looking for Proof of Our Expertise?

We have written this website checklist to prove our skills, capabilities and experience. Website-Checklist.net shows the sort of highly quality, highly attentive services we offer, if that doesn't convince you our portfolio will. For example, one of our biggest Pattaya websites has 38,000 members, 70,000 page views per day, 6,000 uniques per day, contact LaaMok for more info on other websites we have influenced. We cannot post them here for obvious reasons. We can also provide proof of traffic direct from Google Analytics.

How to get started?